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If you do a lot of home improvement, then there are some tools that are an absolute must. No matter what kind of job, project, or improvement that you’re doing, it’s a good idea to have these five power tools handy at all times.

While five might not seem like much, these are just the five most important tools that every homeowner needs. Of course you’ll need other ones for different jobs, but these are the perfect place to start (especially for new homeowners).

First, you’ll need a cordless drill. This is particularly important if you have a large number of holes to drill for a project. The cordless drill also comes in handy because you don’t have to change screws between the screwdriver and cordless drill. It’s also a great tool for making pivot holes for screws. The most common bit size for home use is a 3/8 inch.

In addition to the cordless drill, you also need a corded drill. The corded drill becomes necessary when you need to drill a large number of holes. A cordless drill – while great for convenience – does not have the same amount of power as a corded drill. So this tool comes in handy when the cordless drill doesn’t have enough drive. Of course, it’s drawback is the cord, but extensions can used.

Next, buy a cordless screwdriver. The cordless screwdriver helps with the small tasks that don’t require a lot of heavy power. For example, a cordless screwdriver can be used for assembling furniture, pre-drilling holes to use for hanging heavy objects, or even for picture frame hanging. Another benefit is that most cordless screwdrivers have a reverse switch which lets you unscrew if you need to.

Also, you need to purchase a power circular saw. Power circular saws are easier on your hands than a typical hand saw. But that’s not all; it also cuts more efficiently as well. You should use this saw when you need to cut large materials or any pieces of lumber such as particle board. Generally, this tool can cut a depth of up to 3 inches thick. Any major remodeling jobs you do will probably require s power circular saw.

Finally, you need to purchase a jig saw. The jig saw is necessary for tough or tight cuts. The jig saw can also be used for intricate work such as cutting around cabinet edges or any place in which requires a close fitting cut.

Obviously, these aren’t the only tools you need to keep in your home. If you’re about to stock your house with tools, here’s a short list of what you’ll need:

First, get a caulking gun. This tool is used for a wide variety of projects around the house and outside. For example, when putting up a shower wall, you’ll need to have a caulking gun for adhesive. Other uses are for caulking around window frames and as filler for holes.

Next, purchase a damaged screw remover. This is a very valuable tool which is used to remove screws with damaged heads. Screws that have damaged heads from drills or bad bits can be a safety issue. The damaged screws usually have rough edges and can cut your hands.

Also, get a damaged nut remover. A typical use of this tool is to remove rusty bolts. This tool comes in handy when replacing a toilet, working on your sink, or fixing your bicycle

Of course, you need a wrench. An old favorite for the toolbox, different sizes of wrenches are always a good idea.

Next, you should purchase a magnet. Long handled magnets on a stick are the best to get if you plan on using them for remodeling. As you know, nails, nuts, bolts are easy to loose track of. – and can get easily lost in places like floorboards or behind appliances. Magnets can help you keep track of them.

Finally, purchase a circuit tester. An inexpensive circuit tester kit is useful when testing wires on electrical devices.

While home ownership is a joy – it can also be a lot of work and a lot of responsibility. But taking proper care of your house – and having the right tools to do so – can make it a lot easier. You should be prepared and make sure to purchase the tools listed here. That way you will be ready any time you need to be.

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